Monday, 26 May 2014

Weekly Edit: Milan in under a week - Part 1

During the Easter holidays, I could finally tick Milan off my list of places to visit. Stepping off the plane into 24°C, was definitely a good start and a great change from the dreary rain back in England. We (I went with my parents) was quite skeptical at first about getting around, since I didn't know much Italian, but the people there are ever so friendly and won't mind stopping to help.
Waiting for the tram to arrive.
Another thing I love about Milan, is the public transport. It's confusing the first few times (we took a couple of wrong turns and couldn't find the tram), but we got the hang of it by mid-week. It's also super affordable, the tram tickets cost €4.50 for a whole day.
Tip: Don't forget to stamp your tickets via an orange box / contraption when you get on any public transport other than taxis, tickets get checked at random times and you'll be fined if you haven't.

Duomo di Milano
When in Milan, I'll suggest having a look around the inside of the Duomo (Cathedral in Italian), although I prefer the Notre Dame, it's still an amazing piece of architecture. If you have time, check out the roof of the Duomo. You have the option of taking the stairs (cheaper but tiring) or pay more to use the lift. I don't think I've ever felt as unfit whilst scaling those steps.

Searching for a café.
Deciding that we earned a well-deserved treat, we stopped for some lunch at Le Tre Gazzelle in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. You need to try the gelato in this place, we had pineapple and vanilla together (my taste buds were in paradise). Look for Caffè freddo (it's iced coffee) in the menu too. Even I liked it, Italian coffee seems to be sweeter.
Then it was time for the shopping! Yes, that is Banana Republic, Mango and Pull & Bear that you spy, 
sitting in a neat row. There was a lot more you couldn't see (I was too stunned by the choices to stop
and take a picture).

Have a look at what I bought in the next Weekly Edit. See ya later!

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