Monday, 19 May 2014

Weekly Edit: Pure White

There's nothing more refreshing and calming to my eyes than staring at figures clad in white, styled to look effortlessly chic. My continued obsession over clean, simple lines is instantly renewed by Steven Alan's collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week last September. This particular shot of white against white, gives me an urgent need to insert some blanc into my wardrobe. The sheer materials blend with the skin and the layers don't make us seem frumpy, out of shape or washed out.
I should probably mention that whilst I'm typing this edit, I am clothed in a white Topshop dress and hidden behind half-open curtains that veil the start of our British Summer. I should probably head out (to the garden at the very least) to make the most of this rare weather.

P.S. Does that white grid remind any of you of a recent post?

(Image via Mainstream)

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