Monday, 16 June 2014

Marlow Town Regatta: Jewellery Inspiration

If you hadn't noticed my absence on the blog on Saturday, let me fill you in on what I was up to.
Let's start with the event, Marlow Town Regatta, I've been wanting to go since I became aware of social activities (which was somewhere during my mid-teen phase). Whenever my family and I would take strolls along the Marlow riverside in the summer, I would always remember the banners for the regatta strewn across the streets. Thanks to my mum, I got a ride and ticket with my neighbour to this year's event. To say the least, it was amazing.
Sipping some Prosecco, as I watched flurries of knee-length tea dresses, full skirts and flowing slips, pass me by. The gentlemen were impeccably suited; I noticed a trend of dark navy blazers over an ironed white dress shirt, which in turn was tucked into a pair of maroon pressed trousers (perhaps it was a uniform?).
Whilst conversing with new friends, we came upon the topic of jobs we all held (I opted for student fashion blogger), one of them worked for a jewellery company whose products she got to wear (first photo). I love the daintiness and delicate feel of the bracelets, and the rose gold picked out the lovely tan she had.

The metallic rosy hue of the clutch, complement the bracelets perfectly.
I was also captivated by the statement necklace worn on a lady (whose name I did not catch), who came to inform us that they (@AjoureLondon) was selling Zara jewellery at half the retail price. Just putting it out here, I love Zara, the quality and style of their products is a standard I try to keep. So I was silently bursting to have a browse.

Love the myriad of colours and the balance of the necklace.
When we arrived at the stall, I was truly mesmerized by the amount of jewels and chains on display. I hadn't purchased anything as I was indecisive about it, but at the least I have a rough image of what I want. High street here I come.

Spotted this worn by another member at the stall.
See you soon!

P.S. Thanks to my new friend and the people at the Ajoure London stall, who kindly allowed me to capture their beautiful jewellery.

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