Monday, 28 July 2014

Weekly Edit: Monika Csutak SS14

Recently I checked into my Covet fashion app and came across a London-based designer, Monika Csutak. What drew me in even more, is the fact that her designs are made in the UK, this essentially means it is supporting the British fashion industry. It's reassuring to know that your clothes haven't got more air miles than all your holidays added up, to get to your wardrobe.

So to start the week off, I picked out three of my favourite designs from Monika Csutak's SS14 collection. I love the limited palette that she's used, which complement the elegant, yet playful cut of the pieces. It was so challenging to skim the choices down to three, which is why you have to see for yourselves to get the feel of the entire collection.

D152 | Doubled Silk dress
I found the hip (almost waist) -high faux split visually entrancing, because it offers the advantages of having a split that elongates your legs, but at the same time, the hidden skirt keeps it sophisticatedly chic. This is business at the front and back, party at the sides.

D252 | Silk layered dress
Given that the model's legs are fairly long already, what makes them seem even longer is the high-low hem of the design. The front panels naturally draw your eyes upwards, accentuating the length of her legs. The narrowed parting also slims the look of her legs even further, as you can only focus on that amount.

D20AB | Organza top and skirt
This last piece is actually two pieces, but I really wanted you to see this combination. There are a few focal points in this outfit, but they all complement each other without individually competing for attention.
Let's begin with the top. First of has to be the puffy sleeves, they exude a ladylike nature and because they are slightly translucent and tapered, they make your arms seem toned due to the shadows and fitted cuffs. Next is the slim V-neckline, it is not wide or long enough to be considered as revealing, but does its job well in seemingly lengthening your neck. The flared hem of the top makes your waistline smaller because it's wider at the bottom, which means it's perfect as a crop top.
The skirt again has a flared hem with the same outcome (no need to change when it's working like a charm), your legs look instantly slimmer and longer. The fabric itself drapes gently along your bottom half, this is great for those of you who have straighter figures, as it will bring out your curves.

Monika Csutak's SS14 collection is one of those that I would often like to peruse, whilst chilling out with a glass of elderflower cordial.

On that last note, I bid you all farewell.

(Images courtesy of Monika Csutak)

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