Saturday, 9 August 2014

A No-brainer

I'm sure that many of us have had at least one of those lazy days, when we just wake up and say "nope, I can't be bothered". Seeing that it's still summer holidays in England and my calendar has been mostly bare, I've been bettering my relationship with my pyjamas. Sometimes I just don't see the point of adding unnecessary laundry to the basket, but there comes a time when last minute appointments come up or I remember that I need to pop out to get something. This is when I start backtracking my best outfits and scouring the wardrobe to see if all the pieces required are there.

So below is a favourite outfit of mine, it consists of a crop top paired with cropped trousers (the trousers hang on my hips so I use the belt to cinch it to my waist), I then top it off with a classic black blazer to add a touch of class. The shoes I wear with this are usually my black leather courts, but depending on where I'm going (I'm thinking about the type of ground I'll be walking on), I might switch to platforms for height and comfort or flat loafers if I must.

Clockwise from top left: Printed cropped trousers, faux leather and metal belt, DIY crop top, and blazer.
I'm considering posting OOTD shots, once I master how to fit it all into one frame.

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