Monday, 25 August 2014

Weekly Edit: If money wasn't a limit...

So if you have been reading up on last week's edit, you would have known that I got my firm choice of uni. With this momentous upcoming step, my mind has been filled with ways to prepare, equipment to be bought and train fares. However, summer holidays has yet to leave me for another month, which ultimately means..more shopping time! Although, this time I'm searching for one particular item (ahem, have a look below). Yes, a bag but not just any bag, this accessory has many requirements to meet to be able to qualify for my ideal uni bag.

That's why I still haven't found it. The first aspect; is the size, it needs to fit my iPad, a couple of textbooks and sketchbooks, stationery, a water bottle, etc. The second point is a sturdy shoulder strap, having to possibly rush through crowds and up and down stairs at rush hour, lugging a heavy bag with short handles is definitely not ideal. Next, it needs to be multi-purpose (read: not a high-school backpack). I know I'm going to be spending a considerable sum of money on this, so I want to be able to use this outside of uni hours, therefore it has to be in a colour that will go with everything. Leather. I want it to be made of leather, good quality, last forever (or at least a few years) leather. Finally (phew, never thought we'd reach here) the price, I'm still a student and living off my parents, I can't go all out on designer gear (which is precisely why my local TK Maxx, has seen my face on their CCTV a lot recently). However if it is leather goods, I know to expect a high price tag, so if all the other conditions are met and it is made of leather, the budget is £50 (if it isn't leather, the budget is just about £20).

The above carousel of designer goods, are currently out of my league, but I picked them based on their forms. I love structured bags, it gives a sense of character to it and makes it seem more high-end and business-woman. It can bring a whole outfit together, great for those days when I forget to set the alarm and perfect plans go out the gap in the window that I left open last night. Turning early morning disasters into rolled-out-of-bed-like-this chic.

Well, I'll be off now to fill my online shopping basket with bags I hope to own, and only to later remove begrudgingly. See you all later!

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