Monday, 8 September 2014

Weekly Edit: Bared for all

Much of today has been spent alternating between lying on the sofa prodding my i-devices (iPhone and iPad) and watching my YouTube subscriptions on my new laptop. I am steadily running out of options on how to procrastinate whilst waiting for uni to start. The latter half of the day was basically me getting really into Frozen karaokes, singing as Anna with various covers of Hans in "Love is an Open Door", on YouTube.
So with the explanation of my schedule, you now know who's the culprit for YouTube view spikes. Other than that, I have been progressive with my emails and have finally been able to send off ticket requests for London Fashion Week (it's nearly here). With less than a week to go, I'm planning to publish outfit sets that could be an inspiration for what I'll be wearing when I head out to Somerset House. Below is the start, and if I had the budget I would seriously consider getting that Burberry poncho, like seriously.

Bared for all

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