Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Maiko Nagayama at Fashions Finest SS15

So Autumn is definitely upon us, but let's just forget that for this post. We'll be backtracking to London Fashion Week SS15 again, this time the focus will be on Maiko Nagayama. Her striking designs caught my eye, when I was browsing through the stalls at the Fashions Finest show venue. 

Trying on Maiko Nagayama midi rings.

The minimalistic setting of the jewels in the ring, complements the distinct and sharp features of the ring itself. I hadn't been one to jump on the "giant rock" bandwagon and didn't really have any desire to, personally it felt too arrogant and in-your-face. However, Nagayama's rings are the perfect combination of subtlety and elegance. Still, the side of me that prefers simplicity is adoring the bare construction of the midi ring adorning my ring finger.

Trying on Maiko Nagayama midi rings.
Seeing the rich colours of the gems combined, really exudes opulence and style. Nagayama's designs has pulled me out of my "no trims or frills" box, and opened my eyes to the possibilities of encrusted rings.

I would love to read your opinions on Maiko Nagayama's rings (comment below) and check out her site for other types of jewellery.

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