Wednesday, 25 June 2014


So the end is nigh for the college part of my life, and it's off to Uni in September. I'm excited to start the next stage in my future, but the thing that has me fidgeting about in my seat as I type this, has to be my college's Summer Ball tomorrow (no it's not Capital's). I'm currently in the process of preparing myself, and that means nail art time! Having to photograph this as I painted, was no easy feat. So get out your favourite shade of nail polish and grab a roll of tape (don't forget the scissors), and let's get cracking.

I used Essie's All in One Base Coat.
1. I prepped my nails with a coat of base, this helps smooth out any bumps or dents your nails might have.

When cutting the strips, I used a craft knife.
2. After your nails are dry, cut some 1mm strips of Scotch Tape lengthways.

I love Revlon's Knockout, as it gives an opaque finish in one coat.
3. Align one strip of tape along the middle of your nail lengthways, pressing down firmly. Then apply a coat of your favourite nail polish. I chose black as it coordinates with my outfit.

Use a gel shine topcoat, such as No7's Gel-Look Shine, to achieve high-gloss finish.
4. Finally, remove the tape about 10 seconds after you apply the nail polish, and carefully seal your nails in a layer of topcoat.

I love the visually lengthening effect it has on my nails, and the parting in the middle makes the dark shade less harsh and more striking.

Have a go and link it down below.

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