Monday, 30 June 2014

Weekly Edit: What I Wore to Prom

It was that momentous time again last week, the day that many girls dream of (aside from their wedding) and plan their outfits months ahead for. Yes, it was Prom. Our end of 6th Form (or High School for those of you in the US) Prom. Seeing as I was part of the committee planning the event, I had about 2 months advanced notice on top of the first announcement that it was happening. So I bought my outfit about 4 months prior.
Today I decided to show you what I wore, the makeup I went for and the hairstyle I picked.

Jumpsuit by Sisley, makeup done by No7 at Boots and hair curled by my mum.
Almost everything had to be prepared on the day as there was no other option. Like my jumpsuit for starters, I could only iron it hours before my Prom as I didn't want the garment creasing (thank goodness the fabric was fairly hard to crease). I prepped my hair with mousse early in the afternoon, to allow time for it to air dry and because my Prom didn't start until 7.30pm. My nails were done the day before, pushed for time since I had to update the blog too (my toenails only had a couple coats of black nail varnish and was painted on the day). My hair was curled at around 3 o'clock by my mum, we used a 38mm curling iron.

By the time my hair was done and my garment half-way ironed, I realised I had left myself around 10 mins to get casually dressed to head down to town for my makeup session (I was still in my pjs). When I knew I would be 5 minutes late, I called them up to let them know I'm on my way. Only to find out that they had been intending to call me but had no form of contact, about half-an-hour before stores close that their manager/makeup artist had left early because they weren't feeling well. Fair enough, was there a replacement? No. To say I was stressed was an understatement. They had left me 30 minutes to find another makeup artist, as compensation, they promised a free gift next time I went into their stores (freebies are awesome but it wasn't what I needed). I rushed into Boots and headed to their No7 counter and whilst breathing heavily, explained my situation and hoped for the best that they could save my night. Thankfully, they did. Thanks No7.

I went for a natural, toned look and applied the lipstick myself, the photo was taken after I returned from the Prom (no re-applications). Light brown eyeshadow to define my eyelids and no eyeliner, just mascara.

I hope this gives you inspiration for any future events you have lined up. See you next time.

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